Who We Are

Welcome to our website. We've been revising it, and we are still adding to it. But if you look around, I think you'll find out a lot about us, and we hope you'll contact us for any more information you need.

Loretta Humble
Officially my title is President, but I really think of myself more as the “Mama” of the place. I'm the one that got the idea that nursing home people should go into home health as well, and I'm the one who hired that first group of people who grew it into the fine organization it is today. I was the company's first administrator, running it for years until I handed the reins over to younger and nimbler minds. Nowadays, I just consult a bit, and try to do enough good in our community to pay back some of the good our community has done for us. 

I'm very proud of our agency. We have excellent caregivers who really do care about their patients.  Even though we have been around longer than just about anybody, we have kept up with the times, offering advanced technologies and a highly trained staff. We keep the highest standards of integrity.  We always play by the rules.

I'd like to introduce you to some of the people at the heart of  the agency today:

Lari Smiley
Lari Smiley was a young girl with a great smile when she came to work within our young company in 1990. While  working full time as our first rate Billing Manager, she entered college and earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Management. When our former administrator, Karen Abbe, RN, semi-retired, Lari stepped into the role of administrator with amazing comfort and ease, still insisting on doing much of her old job as well. And she still has that smile. We are very proud of Lari.

Carol Yager came to us from a banking career in 1996, to work as chief financial officer. Level-headed, always watching our dollars, and looking out for the company and our staff, Carol has long been the right hand of the administrator, and worked extremely closely with Lari. When Lari became administrator,  Carol became assistant administrator, a role she had been actually played for a long time. Incidentally, Carol is a wonderful cook, and her chicken spaghetti has starred at many company functions. Not to mention her Boston Cream Cake, which people have been known to beg for.

Karen Abbe
Karen Abbe, RN, former administrator,  retired last year -- almost. We persuaded her to keep her hand in just a little. She does some quality assurance work for us, which brings her into the office occasionally, and she lets us call her when we need to. We put her on this page because she is such a major part of who we have become. Totally caring, extremely wise, completely honest in every way, Karen will always be in the heart of Cedar Lake Home Health and Hospice.